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Anderson Cooper Just Went Off On Trump On CNN And Proves He Is NOT Fake News



Anderson Cooper took Trump to task, yet again. This time, for his continued assault on the press. President Donald Trump has made a remarkable pastime for himself in turning CNN into his own personal punching bag, ranking on them every chance he gets for their apparently shoddy reporting, according to him. Who can forget his tweet from July, which displayed footage of him in a WWE wrestling match, punching down an opponent whose head was turned into the CNN logo? No, that is not something so ridiculous that I made it up, this is absolutely real.

Well, the outstanding press over at CNN has become desensitized to the repeated assaults made by the president of our nation on their work and their worth as humans. But, that doesn’t mean they won’t bite back. Anderson Cooper, one of the great diamonds of America and host of CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” spoke out against Trump’s criticism of his network Monday.

“It’s no secret that one of the President’s favorite targets over Twitter is CNN. He does it all the time, and it’s frankly something we’ve come to expect; it’s what happens when you stand up for truth and put facts first,” said Cooper. “His assault against a free press, a free press that stands up to him, will not stop us or any other legitimate news organization. It won’t stop my colleagues around the world who put their lives on the line to do their work, to report.”

Cooper’s response comes after Trump spent the weekend with his meaty thumbs typing out insults on Twitter, once again berating the network.

Further in the Monday report to his audience, Cooper highlighted many of his incredible, fearless colleagues on the lengths they have taken to make sure people in the United States and all around the world learn the truth, and CNN reporters from around the world clapped back at Trump’s assault themselves, issuing him some absolutely true facts of their own.

Trump is afraid of CNN. He would not continue to barrage them and the other major networks with constant criticism if he weren’t. He knows they are giving the world an accurate picture of the kind of president he is, and he’s terrified. I have always trusted CNN to tell me truthfully what is happening in the world as it happens; Trump’s continued assault on the news organization only reaffirms my belief in their hard work and quality reporting, and I commend the men and women risking their lives every day to deliver us the news. The truth.





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