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Democrat Senator Chris Murphy Gives Trump And GOP Enormous Middle Finger On Gun Legislation



What can possibly be done to prevent individuals like Stephen Paddock from getting their hands on weapons designed to kill? The gunman in Sunday night’s horrific shooting in Las Vegas that killed 59 individuals as well as injuring more than 500 others was able to get his hands on at least a dozen assault rifles, which were found in his hotel room shortly after he shot himself as police were approaching.

The amount of rounds Paddock shot off were so high that the hotel’s sprinkler system was reportedly set off.

Although the GOP-led Congress owes many of its seats to the National Rifle Association campaign fund that helped get them into power, a few lawmakers are still searching for options that would prevent such travesties from taking place again. Senator Chris Murphy, a Democrat from Connecticut, is introducing legislation this week that would strengthen background checks on would-be assailants.

Murphy is no stranger to the issue: before being elected as Senator, he served the fifth district of Connecticut as a member of the House of Representatives, representing the district that included the city of Newtown, where the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting took place in 2012. On Monday, Murphy even responded to Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin, who suggested anyone promoting gun control was a “political opportunist” hoping to capitalize on the tragedy. Bevin criticized calls for action, arguing that you “can’t regulate evil,” to which Murphy was quick to respond.

So it comes as no surprise to see that Murphy is introducing legislation that would tighten standards for background checks across the country, Politico reports. Although the specifics of the bill aren’t hashed out quite yet, Murphy is adamant that something must be done, telling BuzzFeed News that he’s “furious” with Washington DC’s stubbornness. “I’m furious that this town acts like this is not preventable,” he said. “These mass atrocities only happen in one industrialized country, the United States…and it is largely due to policy decisions that we make.”

Murphy acknowledges that whatever legislation he does end up promoting might not have stopped Stephen Paddock in Las Vegas. But “we can’t get caught in the trap of only advocating legislation that addressed [Sunday’s] shooting,” he explains.

More legislation is needed to prevent the heinous acts like what happened in Las Vegas, Nevada, earlier this week. Murphy’s proposal for stronger background checks isn’t the end-all solution to stemming gun violence in this country. But it’s a reasonable first step, one that takes into account that dozens of people die from guns every day, not only in mass shooting events. We need more people like Chris Murphy to take a principled stand in the Senate, and to push for rationale changes to our gun policies.





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