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Here’s That Russia/Trump Money Trail You Were Looking For



A lawsuit filed by Jody Kriss against President Trump’s former development partners Bayrock – led by a mobster associate (Felix Sater) – has just exposed a direct tie between Donald Trump’s New York City developments and Vladimir Putin’s money.

The Trump SoHo condominium/hotel project ultimately failed, but that development deal yielded a lawsuit by former Bayrock executive Jody Kriss, who sued his former employer and Felix Sater for refusing to pay employee-related bonuses Kriss insists he had earned. Jody Kriss told Bloomberg News that Felix Sater financed the operations… and he had a strange method of determining whose money to borrow for projects. Jody Kriss said that an Icelandic competitor of the FL Group also contacted him to invest in Bayrock. When he took that offer to Sater and Tevfik Arif he says they told him that the money behind Icelandic banks “was mostly Russian” — and that they had to take FL’s funds for deals they were doing with Trump because the investment firm was “closer to Putin.” Kriss has admitted that he left the firm because he feared the company was a front for a money laundering scheme.

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Mr. Sater, 50, is a Russian-American who has pleaded guilty to a role in a stock manipulation scheme decades ago that involved the Mafia was the subject of a New York Times article back in February about the focused on the amateur diplomacy that ultimately played a large role in Former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s termination.

When Trump was asked about his relationship with Felix Sater, he said, “I don’t know him very well. If he were sitting in the room right now I really wouldn’t know what he looked like.” But Sater and Trump met multiple times at Trump Tower and Mr. Sater showed Trump’s children around Moscow on a visit. Sater also carried Trump Organization business cards.

While we obviously cannot know exactly what angle special counsel Robert Mueller is looking for with respect to the investigation itself, we do know that he has stacked his investigation team full of prosecutors who are experts in: fraud, racketeering, assorted white collar crime, and Watergate.





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