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Hero Hedge Fund Manager Is Actively Trying To Get Trump Impeached



Well this is something you don’t hear everyday. I’ve been thinking Democrats are already a pretty pro-impeachment bunch, but apparently a billionaire activist believes Democrats aren’t doing enough.

Tom Steyer, a hedge fund manager, philanthropist and activist, is aggressively campaigning a petition to impeach Trump. Steyer spoke to ABC News podcast “Powerhouse Politics” Tuesday, calling out Congressional Democrats for not doing enough to move the motions forward.

“Sitting Republican senators in the past month have said much harsher things about this president than we’ve ever said,” said Steyer. “We’re just giving the American people a chance to voice their opinion that something should be done about it and it shouldn’t just be swept under the rug and pretend it’s not happening.”

Taking matters into his own hands, Steyer has spent more than $10 million in ads to promote his impeachment petition, which Fox has been in hot water for refusing to air. Already, almost 2.6 million people have signed the petition.

However Steyer feels, House Minorty Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-MD) explained on CNN’s State of the Union that she feels impeachment discussion is not in the Democrats best interests at this time and looks to the midterm elections next year as the key to fixing what the GOP has broken over the last year.

Everyone has an opinion. You are probably reading this article because you have an opinion that aligns in some way with my own, or you want to gain perspective on another person’s opinion that might be different from your own. In this way, Steyer has his own opinion about how we should handle Donald Trump – impeachment – and he happens to have a lot of money to use to get his opinion broadcasted so the masses know. However, that does not mean impeachment is the right option, nor will it just happen because he spends $10 million on an ad. Let’s get Congressional Democrats all on the same page before we start inviting well-intentioned billionaire activists into the myriad of discussions on what to do with Trump, huh?





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