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Nikki Haley Just Turned Her Back On Trump Told The World The Truth About Russia



United States ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley has broken rank and officially stated that we should not be deceived in what Russia’s true intentions are. While Republican lawmakers were all gathered together in a West Virginia resort Thursday, drawing out their legislative plans for 2018 and their approach to the midterm elections, Haley said that Russia is still not our ally.

“Russia is not our friend,” said Haley. “There may be some things we can work with them on, and we should do that where we can…[Russia] will not be our friend as long as their government has the values that it has, and as long as it conducts itself the way it does internationally.”

Haley also conceded that, although she doesn’t believe it affected the outcome one way or another, Russia did meddle in our 2016 Presidential election.

“I have no idea what Russia expected from the American elections. But I have to tell you, they are not happy with what they ended up with,” said Haley. “The fact is this: In the last year, this administration has been tougher on Russia than any American administration since Ronald Reagan.”

To say that this administration has been the toughest on Russia since Reagan is a flagrant exaggeration. Just this past week, Trump has come under fire for not really following through with the Russian sanctions Congress voted for; instead, he released a list of Russian oligarchs and businessmen. What kind of move is that, a light slap on the wrist? Releasing a list does nothing for our protection so that it doesn’t happen again. However, I do agree that Russia shouldn’t be happy with what we ended up with – Trump is a bumbling oaf sitting in the Oval Office. Now we just need to surmount the impossible task of getting President Trump to understand that not everyone plays nice in the sandbox, and Russia is not his friend.





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