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When Geraldo Rivera Defended Matt Lauer Bette Midler’s Response Shut Him Up Instantly



There’s a right way to support a friend and a wrong way. Geraldo Rivera did the latter. After sexual assault allegations against Matt Lauer got him fired from NBC, Geraldo was quick to the come to Matt’s aid via Twitter.

Here’s the thing, news isn’t a flirty business, especially when it concerns Matt, who had a freaking remote lock button in his office. That’s creepy no matter which way you look at it. It doesn’t help that Geraldo has personal affection for Matt and that can cloud judgment.

Geraldo also used this time to call the sexual assault allegations that have been flooding the news as a “current epidemic.” Where’s the epidemic? People are realizing they have a voice and they know now is the time to talk because people will listen. That’s empowering, not an epidemic.

Moreover, Geraldo says the current epidemic stems from a misunderstanding between courtship and predation. I’m not sure what Geraldo quantifies as courtship, but buying sex toys or whipping out one’s genitals don’t seem like courtship, they are unwanted advances made by people who think they can do it and get away with it.

Naturally, Geraldo’s comments drew the ire of well everyone. He decided to take his foot off the gas and issue an apology.

The timing of the backtrack seems convenient, considering the apology came six hours after the initial tweet, meaning his feet were still in the fire. At the same time, he did apologize and his first tweet reinforced a conversation we should be continuing to have.

Positions of power shouldn’t afford people with the right to abuse others because they think they can. The recent flood of allegations shows there is power in revealing the truth. And there can be justice if we listen when people have the courage to share what they’ve been through.

Oh and just to close on something, Geraldo is a sexual harasser as well. Just ask Bette Midler…





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