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As Mueller Closes In Trump’s Worst Russia Nightmare Just Came True From New Probe



Fun fact: A Trump building in Panama City is tied to the Russian mafia. So there’s that.

Investors and customers in Trump’s property in Panama City, Trump Ocean Club International Hotel and Tower are deeply connected to Russian organized crime and drug trafficking. The Brazilian real estate salesman, Alexandre Ventura Nogueira, who gave his name but would not show his face, partnered with the Trump Organization to bring in tenants for the building, but did not necessarily tell the Trump organization about the background of the people who invested.

“I had some customers with questionable backgrounds,” said Nogueira. “Nobody ever asked me. Banks never asked. Developer didn’t ask and (the) Trump Organization didn’t ask. Nobody ask, ‘Who are the customers, where did the money come from?’ No, nobody ask.”

This is all just very strange. This man has released his name, admitted to doing shady deals with Russian organized crime and called out the Trump organization for not asking the right questions to discover that he was doing shady dealings? NBC also found that neither the organization, nor the Trump family engaged in any of this illegal activity, and the organization is trying to distance itself from this strange proceeding.

“The Trump Organization was not the owner, developer or seller of the Trump Ocean Club Panama project,” read the issued statement. “Because of its limited role, the company was not responsible for the financing of the project and had no involvement in the sale of units or the retention of any real estate brokers.”

Now, the owners of the Trump Ocean Club International Hotel and Tower are trying to take Trump’s name off the building and remove the Organization from its management position. I guess it’s good that Nogueira is publicly owning up to this situation, and clearing the Trump Organization from direct involvement, but overall this is just plain strange. I don’t really trust anything that happens with the name Trump attached, and so I don’t quite trust this, especially not with this special investigation into Russia’s involvement in swaying the United States 2016 election going on. I think what will be most important is, now that this information is public, what will be the fallout of this with the Trumps, and will they take advantage of this? We shall have to see.





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