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Chuck Grassley Accidentally Revealed The White House Lie About Trump’s Tax Returns



President Donald Trump seems to have made it his mission recently to prevent his tax returns from being made public at all costs. This is in spite of the fact that it is the accepted norm for Presidents and even presidential candidates to publish their tax returns. The reasons for this are perfectly transparent; Trump inherited a multi billion dollar business empire from his father. Throughout his life, he has accumulated a huge amount of money and declared bankruptcy at least six times. This is a man who knows how to fiddle his finances, and the last thing he needs for his political or business career is for all of his dodgy dealings behind closed doors to be made public.

That, of course, does not change the solid fact that the public deserves to see those tax returns. We need to know what the President of the United States and leader of the free world is up to with his money, especially if we have very strong suspicions that everything might not be rosy beneath the surface. That is why the White House has been maintaining the strong line that the tax returns will never be published, insisting that Congress does not have any right to publish those documents. However, GOP Rep. Chuck Grassley recently caused them a massive headache by going on live TV to explain why Congress can demand the publication of the President’s tax returns, in the process directly contradicting and undermining the official White House line.

Grassley, who serves as both Senate president pro tempore and chair of the Finance Committee, said Monday he did not actually want to see Trump’s tax returns but acknowledged that, under the law, he and House Ways & Means Chair Richard Neal (D-MA) have the right to do so. “As chairman of the finance committee we could have opportunity to see those too,” he told Fox & Friends, referring to Section 6103(f)(1) of the tax code, which explicitly gives chairs of the House Ways and Means Committee, the Senate Finance Committee, and the Joint Committee on Taxation the right to receive any American’s tax returns upon request. Grassley said he did not believe the Internal Revenue Service should be politicized — citing the debunked claim that, under President Barack Obama, conservative non-profits were targeted by the IRS for additional scrutiny.

This slip up might be just what we need to kick our elected lawmakers into action and finally allow us to see Trump’s tax returns.





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