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Florida Republican Congressional hopeful caught on tape planning to have opponent assassinated



Last week, in a secretly recorded phone conversation, a Florida Republican congressional contender talked about trying to have an opponent assassinated.

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William Braddock, running for congress, told conservative activist Erin Olszewski the following in a june 9 phone call:

“My polling people are going to charge me $20,000 to do a poll right before the primary, and if the poll says Luna’s gonna win, she’s gonna be gone, she’s gonna disappear.”

He added:

“And you cannot tell anybody that, but for the good of our country, we have to sacrifice the few.”

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Braddock was referring to an opponent in the primary named Anna Paulina Luna, who has since had a restraining order taken out against him.

Olszewski gave the recording to authorities, and Politico published a video of her taking the call on Thursday.

Luna won Florida’s 13th Congressional District’s primary last year but lost the general to Rep. Charlie Crist, a Democrat, who has since announced he will challenge Republican Governor Ron DeSantis for that office next year.

Braddock got more specific as the call went on, after telling Olszewski that he had access “to a hit squad”  of Russians and Ukrainians, after she had prompted him by asking “how do we make her go, though?”

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Braddock responded:

“I call up my Russian and Ukrainian hit squad and, within 24 hours, there’s going to be pictures of her disappearing.”

He added that he wasn’t joking and noted “this is beyond my control at this point.”

He continued:

“I am in deep, I will admit that. If I lose, I’m going to have to move out of the country. But if I win, I’m going to help make a difference for everyone in the country.”

“Is this squad that you’re talking about, are they, like snipers?” Olszewski continued to press.

Braddock again got more and more explicitly detailed in his response:

“Russian mafia. Close-battle combat, TEC-9s, MAC-10s, silencers kind of thing. No snipers. Up close and personal. So they know the target is gone. That’s why I’m telling you, don’t be on the wrong fucking side of supporting Luna. Because if you’re near her when the time comes, I just don’t want that to happen to you. You’ve got kids. So don’t be associated with Luna under any circumstances please. And do not repeat this to anybody because both of us will be in jeopardy if you do.”

via Twitter

He continued:

“I’m not just blowing smoke here, I’m fucking being dead-ass serious, and it scares the shit out of me too. This is even scaring me at this point. But I know what I’m doing is noble and I’m just trying to remain a humble servant of god, and I’ve got a lot of people behind me.”

Braddock later told politico that the voice on the phone call was  “allegedly me … there is no proof of that,” before suggesting it could have been altered or edited.

Olszewski denied editing the conversation, but Braddock added “this is a dirty political tactic that has caused a lot of people a lot of stress and is completely unnecessary.”






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