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Jen Psaki shuts down Jim Jordan’s whining and skewed pandering about gas prices under Biden



White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki continued her streak of easily shutting down Republican nonsense on Monday, when she hit back at a tweet by Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan.

Jordan took to Twitter to complain about gas prices and try to blame President Biden for it, and Psaki was not having it.

via Twitter

Jordan noted  that the average price of gas right now is over $3 a gallon, but it was only $2.21 per gallon a year ago, when his buddy Donald Trump was still President.

Jordan failed to mention, however, that gas was cheaper a year ago because the pandemic left tens of millions of Americans citizens unemployed and stuck at home without a need to drive.

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Psaki quickly pointed that out in response to Jordan:

“You forgot to mention that gas prices are the same now as they were in June 2018. Or that this time last year unemployment was 11.1% — today it’s 5.8%.”

Jen Psaki via Flickr / The White House

Not content with shutting him down that quickly, Psaki also took a dig at the GOP’s proposals to pay for President Biden’s infrastructure proposal by raising the gas tax:

“[President Biden] agrees families shouldn’t pay more at the pump — that’s why he’s opposed to GOP proposals to raise the gas tax.”

Jen Psaki via Flickr / The White House

This is just a continuation of Psaki’s quick responses to shut down conservatives, both in politics and in the media, like last month’s example of Newsmax personality Emerald Robinson embarrassing herself during a White House press briefing.

Robinson asked:

“Given the number of former Obama administration officials that are now in the Biden administration and the president’s relatively light schedule, there’s a growing perception that this is really just the third term of President Obama. What do you say to people who say that?”

Psaki responded:

“Who were saying that? Who’s saying that?”

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“You’ve heard that a lot in the media,” Robinson said again.

“Who in the media,” Psaki asked, clearly goading her, knowing she had not a single example.

“Different people,” Robinson conceded.






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