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Michael Cohen predicts Trump will let his wife and kids go to prison to save himself



Michael Cohen, former lawyer/fixer to former President Donald Trump, in a wide-ranging new interview with The Lincoln Project responded to the news that Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg is likely to be indicted on federal charges this summer. Cohen also explained how several in Trump’s orbit are likely to flip on him, and how Trump would rather Don Jr. go to prison than Ivanka, because “he can handle it.”

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Cohen said several of these things in his 2020 book, Disloyal, but they went mostly unnoticed.

Lincoln Project hosts Tara Setmayer and Rick Wilson were referencing a previous appearance by Cohen on MSNBC in which he said that he thought that Trump would flip on Weisselberg as well as his own wife and children to keep himself out of prison.

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Cohen also said that he believed for Trump, watching the Capitol Building be attacked by his supporters was probably “better than sex.”

He went on to describe Trump’s followers as a cult similar to the Jim Jones cult ending with the mass suicide of nearly 1000 people.

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When Wilson asked Cohen if Trump knows how hated he is in New York, Cohen responded that yes, and believes it’s one of the reasons Trump, Don Jr. and Ivanka all moved to Florida after they left the White House:

“The only one that I think is still left here is Eric, you know, nobody even knows where Melania and Barron are. I mean, for all you know, they’re on Jeff Bezos’ space shuttle now. So, nobody even knows. And truth be told, nobody even cares. But he knows that he’s despised and that’s one of the reasons he walks around Mar-a-Lago, right? Which is sort of an insane asylum for incredibly wealthy sycophants who want to sit there and pet the fat ass of Donald Trump.”

Cohen added that Trump “is just a wannabe,” who “thinks he’s a tough guy out there, walking the walk and talking the talk, but he waddles and he mumbles.”

When asked about the infamous “pee tape,” a theory that the Trump was in a hotel room in Russia with prostitutes, Cohen said that he doesn’t believe the tape exists because he would found it.

Rudy Giuliani via Flickr / Gage Skidmore

He also went off on former Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, predicting he will soon learn that Trump has no interest in helping or protecting him whatsoever.






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