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Right-wing pundits and government officials can’t make up their mind on VP Kamala Harris visiting the border



Republican politicians and pundits have been for months attacking Vice President Kamala Harris for what they believe is a failure to visit the Mexican border and examine the immigration crisis there.

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President Biden assigned the Vice President the role of “border czar” to find a way to stem the growing number of migrants at the U.S/Mexico border. She has been working to focus on the root causes of the issue, illustrated by her visits to Mexico and Guatemala, which conservative critics highlighted as not sufficient.

This week, Vice President Harris announced the decision to visit the border in a matter of days. Of course, that is still not enough for Republicans, who rather predictably used the announcement to attack her even more.

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Senator Ted Cruz of Texas has been very outspoken in his criticism of Harris but on Wednesday went on Fox News to slam her for not visiting the very specific part of the border he thinks she should be visiting.

Peter Doocy, a Fox News reporter who routinely gets what he thinks are clever “Gotcha” questions shut down by White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, asked why Harris is now visiting the border when she previously “dismissed” such a trip as a “grand gesture.”

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Psaki, on cue, replied:

“She also said in an interview with NBC that she would be open to going to the border if it was an appropriate time. She said that after she said that so that’s important context as well.”


Former Trump advisor and anti-immigration white supremacist Stephen Miller also weighed in, tweeting his question about if Harris plans to speak with Border Patrol and ICE Agents:

Whenever 45 went to SW Border he provided a forum for career BP agents & ICE officers to freely speak their minds, live on camera, to the American People. Will @VP do the same? Will she ask them, in public, for their views on the Wall, MPP, T42 for UACs & Safe 3rd rapid removals?

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Lastly, Former President Donald Trump himself weighed in, issuing a statement accusing VP Harris of “ignoring the crisis at the Southern Border.”

Trump claims that Biden, Harris and their administration are responsible for “tremendous destruction and death” at the border, before claiming that the situation has never been worse in the entire history of the country, and concluding with a reminder that he is also planning a trip to the border as a guest of Texas Governor Greg Abbott, possibly worried that Harris will upstage him.

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