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Sean Hannity melts down on-air over NYT article about ongoing Trump investigation by Pulitzer Prize winner



Fox News’ latest outrage came in the form of Sean Hannity’s on air meltdown over Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times journalist Maggie Haberman’s continuing investigation into former President  Donald Trump.

The Times hasn’t actually published any of Haberman’s stories since June 5th, but that didn’t stop Hannity, who, echoing his hero Trump, called the Times “fake news, and accused Haberman of being Trump’s “stalker.”

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He continued by criticizing the paper’s coverage the Russia investigation:

“The New York Times completely botched their Russia coverage.”

And added:

“You never told your readers the truth.”

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Hannity has had many, many on-air meltdowns in recent months, railing against the fact that Donald Trump lost the election, COVID-19 is a real thing, and other reality-based ideas conservatives decided they don’t believe.

In April, he flipped out  at criticism over the way Fox News personalities such as himself covered the  pandemic.

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Hannity, a staunch defender and supporter of  Trump, said in an on-air rant that he wanted to sue “the media mob” and then accused journalists of “playing politics” and of using the pandemic “to [politically] bludgeon” Trump.

Hannity downplayed the virus for weeks and frequently went after New York Times opinion writer Kara Swisher, calling her a “far-left media mob maniac” when she blamed  Fox’s reporting for her aged mother’s lack of concern over the seriousness of the virus.

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Swisher wrote about her mother’s lack of awareness about the virus, for which she blames Fox:

“Well, it sometimes feels like Fox News is eating my mother’s brain.”






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