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Ted Cruz mocked for tweeting strange, unexplained photo of Biden and Putin that was supposed to be a knock on Biden



After American President Joe Biden met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva, Switzerland earlier this week and was quite clear that America’s days of sucking up to the strongman dictator ended when Donald Trump left the White House on January 20, 2021.  Many observers noted that Biden projected a sense of strength that was completely absent during Trump’s tenure as President.

Joe Biden via Flickr / The White House

Biden told Putin that the United States will stand up for human rights even to the point of condemning the actions of Russia and noted to Putin that “certain critical infrastructure should be off limits to attack, period. By cyber or any other means,” and also promised there will be consequences and America will “take action” if Russia ignores the stern warning.

Republicans, especially those who enabled former President Trump’s approach to Russia for four years are refusing to admit that Biden did what was needed to be done, and are instead trying to paint Biden’s words as failure.

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Senator Ted Cruz (R. TX) struggled to come up with a way to criticize Biden’s meeting with Putin and tweeted a bizarre and unexplained photo of Biden and Putin, smiling, in a sunny field filled with flowers.

There was no caption or explanation and  Twitter went after the Senator for the strangeness of the tweet:

We’re not sure what to make of this either. Maybe Cruz was attempting to say that Biden and Putin were buddies? Which is hilarious considering that Trump was Putin’s right hand man for 4 years.

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