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The Dems And The GOP Agreed On An Immigration Bill, Until Trump Shot It Down



It takes a lot these days for politicians on either side of the isle to come together and reach some sort of agreement. Amazingly, that happened this week – before Trump shut it down. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) and Senator Chris Coons (D-DE) came up with an immigration bill to grant citizenship for undocumented immigrants that have been here since 2013 and came to the United States as children. The bill is a companion to a piece of legislation introduced in the House, co-sponsored by 54 Representatives evenly split down both sides of the aisle. How beautiful – a truly bipartisan bill to address this huge topic that is plaguing the thoughts of many Americans.

Well, Trump decided it wasn’t good enough for him. Trump has been informed about the House bill for weeks, co-sponsored by Representative Will Hurd (R-TX) and Representative Pete Aguilar (D-CA), with input from¬†chief of staff John Kelly and legislative director Marc Short, but still has not accepted the Senate bill. The bill did not touch on “chain migration,” something Trump has decided to crusade against, or the diversity visa program. Finally, it does not have the $30 billion necessary for his border wall. Instead, it would provide a study of border security needs, which, when you use critical thinking, makes a lot more sense than just throwing away $30 billion – 30 BILLION – on a wall. So, hours before McCain and Coons were set to present the bill to the Senate, Trump dismissed the proposition.

No Trump, Democrats and Republicans have come together to make a deal – you just can’t handle it. He is sabotaging an opportunity for both parties to work with each other for changes their constituents are demanding during this fraught political atmosphere because he won’t get his way. He is not a President working to “Make America Great Again,” he is, in many ways, actively working against it.





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