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Trump’s Puerto Rico Recovery Effort Was Just Handed A Huge Embarrassment



The Puerto Rico Energy Power Authority Chief announced Monday that they will be cancelling the controversial Whitefish Energy contract. This comes after the governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rosselló, called for the contract’s cancellation earlier Monday morning.

Has anyone ever heard of Whitefish Energy? Trump sure has. The small company – very small, as in 2 employees full-time employees days before Hurricane Maria landed – won the contract to rebuild Puerto Rico’s power grid after the hurricane, but its owner has ties to the Trump campaign and the Interior Secretary, Ryan Zinke. The company increased their number from 2 employees to over 300 in the days following the hurricane. To make matters worse, Whitefish did not go through a normal bidding process to acquire the contract, it was awarded to them 2 whole days before the hurricane made landfall.

Since Governor Rosselló has been supportive of Trump’s efforts in Puerto Rico, and in turn, Trump has commended Rosselló publicly, by name, every chance he has gotten, it makes this mess even more interesting, since Rosselló was willing to shut down this obviously Trump-backed electrical company’s contract.

“There cannot be any kind of distraction that alters the commitment to restore electrical power as soon as possible in Puerto Rico,” said Governor Rosselló. “If something illegal was done, once again, the officials involved in that process will feel the full weight of the law, and I will take administrative actions.”

So then maybe Rosselló is truly committed to what is best to rebuild his home, even if the cancellation makes the road much longer. However, what is not surprising is Trump’s nepotism and his callousness. To allow a company that has virtually no experience that anyone has heard of, to rebuild an entire island’s power structure, just because they donated to his campaign, is a recipe for disaster. But what does Trump care? His next golf resort on the island will be just fine.





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