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Former Secretary Of State John Kerry Lays Into Trump For Climate Policy: “People Are Going To Die”



Of the many, many areas where we could pick ginormous holes in the policy of the Trump administration and point out the demonstrable and catastrophic disadvantages of almost every decision this President has taken, the issue of climate change is perhaps the very worst.

Global warming is the greatest threat facing our planet and our society by a long, long way and Trump, the man who has previously said that it is merely a Chinese hoax and appointed a longtime climate sketpic to lead the Environmental Protection Agency (the now resigned and disgraced Scott Pruitt) is horrifically ill-equipped and totally unwilling to deal with it.

Even setting aside his being cushty with big businesses which like to destroy the Earth for fun (remember that his first Secretary of State was Rex Tillerson, former CEO of oil giant ExxonMobil) Trump has actively sought to disrupt national and international efforts to preserve our home for a little longer.

In an interview published on Friday, former Secretary of State John Kerry took Trump to task for his awful attitude to this monumentally important issue. With respect to the President’s decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate agreement, he said that “people are going to die”.

“People are going to die because of a decision Donald Trump made. My kids and my grandkids are going to face a difficult world because of what Donald Trump has done.”

No punches pulled there.

The interview was conducted in the run-up to the release of Kerry’s new book, Every Day is Extra. Therein, Kerry explains in detail what was going on behind the scenes of the Obama administration to create and enforce the Paris climate accord and the nuclear deal with Iran, both of which are being torn up and abandoned by the new Republican administration.

Kerry refrained from descending into ad hominem attacks, insisting that he does not take Trump’s decisions personally, even when they involve undoing all his hard work. He pointed out that 194 other countries are still part of the Paris deal, adding that he feels “better than a lot of people think” about it.

“I’m sorry for the world,” Kerry said. “I’m sorry for my country, which looks ridiculous. Look, I’ve known all my life that this is a tough business, that politics is hard — that there are ups and down and if you personalize them you’re never going to survive.”

Addressing speculation that he might run for the Democratic nomination for President in 2020, Kerry was somewhat ambiguous in his answer.

“I’m just going to think quietly about whether I think it’s … necessary,” he said. “Whether I feel I can bring something to the table that’s essential, that somebody else can’t.” 





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