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Jerry Nadler Just Owned Every Lawmaker Who Tried To Block The Mueller Report From Being Published



If there is one single thing that needs to happen urgently in American politics right now to regain any sense of normality, it is that the full Mueller report needs to be published immediately. Special Counsel Robert Mueller has spent years on his investigation and already indicted a handful of senior pro Trump faces, and the American public deserves to know what he found out about President Donald Trump. It is totally unprecedented for a sitting President of the United States and leader of the free world to have to deny being an active Russian agent while in office, but that is the low point we have reached with the Trump administration.

It is no surprise that the entire GOP machine is right now doing everything it possibly can to prevent that from happening. Republicans on Capitol Hill know full well that if the Mueller report is published, their beloved President will be totally exposed for how he actually wormed his way into the Oval Office back in 2016, and their dream will come crashing down. So, they are using every trick in the book to make it more difficult for Democrats to get the report out into the public domain. However, since they no longer control a majority in the House of Representatives (after they lost it in the midterm elections in November of last year) they are essentially subservient to the will of the Democrats. Perhaps the most important of those Democrats on this issue is House Judiciary Chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler, who was able to demolish their arguments against the publication of the Mueller reports in the best way imaginable:

“I just want to point out that I was right 21 years ago, I’m right now, and it’s totally consistent, because we are urging now that the underlying 6(e) material be produced to the committee. In 1998, that material had been produced to the Congress. And what we were discussing was its release to the public. Before 6(e) material is released to the public, it has to be reviewed because some of it should not be leased to the public for privacy and other reasons. But that determination was made then by Congress, and it should be made now by Congress.”

The logic here and the parallels between what is happening now and the investigation into President Bill Clinton back in 1998 are undeniable, and Nadler hit the nail on the head here. The Republicans surely cannot deny this any longer.





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