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Trump Allegedly Paid An FBI Employee To Stir Up The Controversy Over Hillary Clinton’s Emails



As we at Blue Side Nation have been saying for a very, very long time now, we sadly live in a world where the entire sphere of American politics is controlled by a right wing Washington establishment, including most of the news media, with people like President Donald Trump and his cronies at the very top of the tree. It is for this reason, and this reason only, that the ludicrous non scandal that is the issue of whether former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton used a private email server to store and communicate classified government information has dragged on for so long.

It is ironic how people like President Trump talk about the Fake News Media and the so called Deep State while they are pulling the strings of the media and the FBI behind the scenes to get them everything they want with relative ease. That is why it is not massively surprising – but still extremely shocking – to learn that one of the FBI employees at the heart of the furore over Hillary Clinton’s emails was actually paid to do what he did by Trump.

Brian McCauley was directly influenced and manipulated by former White House National Security Adviser Michael Flynn during the whole affair. Let’s not forget that Flynn is the guy who was forced to resign from his White House role in disgrace very shortly after being appointed, and is now looking at some extremely serious felony charges at the hands of Special Counsel Robert Mueller. So already, this is not looking good for McCauley.

Essentially, Flynn was paying McCauley to manipulate events in such a way that would directly benefit the team that was campaigning to get Republican candidate Donald Trump elected President of the United States. The whole affair was, of course, covered up very well, but we are now learning that information was released strategically to make it appear as though the US State Department and the Democrats were trying to hide information about Benghazi.

Of course, as is characteristic, the right wing media in America ran with this story without even questioning it, leaving millions of Americans to believe that it was true, that the Democrats – including Hillary Clinton – were deliberately trying to bury this information.

This is big. If it gets proven, it could be the thing that swung the election result, and so it could be the thing that finally boots Donald Trump out of office.





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