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Trump Just Had A Public Meltdown Over Joe Biden Entering The 2020 Election



President Donald Trump is panicking about the announcement of former Vice President Joe Biden that he will be running for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States and leader of the free world in the presidential election primaries that are due to take place in the run up to the general election of November of next year. Of course, Trump has plenty of reason to be worried. There is no way he could ever beat Biden. But the problem is that he was unable to keep his panicking hidden. He found himself taking to Twitter late at night in a series of deranged tweets as he let his anger out in the most public and humiliating way possible.

First, he expressed his fury at the fact that Biden earned himself the endorsement of a fire fighting union (which seems like a very strange thing to randomly get mad about):

I’ll never get the support of Dues Crazy union leadership, those people who rip-off their membership with ridiculously high dues, medical and other expenses while being paid a fortune. But the members love Trump. They look at our record economy, tax & reg cuts, military etc. WIN!

Then, he got mad about the fact that the media is covering Biden’s campaign. Because that’s Fake News, obviously:

The Media (Fake News) is pushing Sleepy Joe hard. Funny, I’m only here because of Biden & Obama. They didn’t do the job and now you have Trump, who is getting it done – big time!

Next, he moved on to randomly praising Pennsylvania, as though that would somehow undermine Biden’s campaigning efforts there:

Sleepy Joe Biden is having his first rally in the Great State of Pennsylvania. He obviously doesn’t know that Pennsylvania is having one of the best economic years in its history, with lowest unemployment EVER, a now thriving Steel Industry (that was dead) & great future!……..

Back to the firefighters again, for no apparent reason:

The Dues Sucking firefighters leadership will always support Democrats, even though the membership wants me. Some things never change!

And finally, even later in the night, he came back online to tweet yet another random message about Pittsburgh this time, somehow thinking he was owning Biden by doing so:

Pittsburgh jobless rate hits lowest point since the early 1970s (maybe even better than that) and Sleepy Joe just had his first rally there. Fact is, every economic aspect of our Country is the best it has ever been!

Trump is terrified. And so he should be. Another blue wave is coming.





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