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Trump Just Sued His Own Bank In Last Ditch Effort To Hide His Financial Records And Tax Returns



President Donald Trump has done everything in his power to stop Congress and the public from being able to see his tax returns, and he is continuing to do so. It is a well established custom for all candidates for the high office of President of the United States and leader of the free world to voluntarily disclose their tax returns in full so that the public can see that they have nothing to hide. In fact, many of the Democratic contenders for President in next year’s election have already done that. However, in spite of the fact that Trump has held that office for well over two years now, not including campaigning time, he has consistently rejected efforts for the public to see his personal finances.

It is perfectly obvious that Trump has something to hide here. Since he is at the pinnacle of the right wing Washington establishment, you would expect him to be able to get away with talking to a few of his powerful friends and make sure those papers never see the light of day. However, to everyone’s surprise, his banks are cooperating with Congressional Democrats in order to get the documents published, forcing Trump to go to extreme lengths to try to put a stop to it:

Lawyers for the [Deutsche Bank] have spent months cooperating with investigators from two Democratic-controlled congressional committees, which issued what one lawmaker called a “friendly subpoena” to the bank in mid-April. The bank could end up sharing decades of his personal and corporate financial records. That prospect prompted Mr. Trump to file a lawsuit in federal court in Manhattan on Monday in an attempt to block Deutsche Bank and another financial company, Capital One, from sharing documents. Mr. Trump’s lawyers said the subpoenas had no legitimate purpose and were an attempt to pry into his finances for political gain.

The heads of the two committees that issued the subpoena, Representatives Maxine Waters and Adam B. Schiff, called the suit “meritless” and an attempt to obstruct congressional oversight. The rich trove of records held by Deutsche Bank includes internal corporate documents, descriptions of the value of Mr. Trump’s assets, and portions of his personal and business tax returns. The subpoena, issued April 15, casts a wide net for documents related to Mr. Trump’s businesses and other entities, including family trusts.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and when you are so desperate you sue your own bank, you know things are not going too well.





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