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Trump On Reaction That His Tweet Triggered Death Threats On Rep. Ilhan Omar: “I’m Not Concerned At All”



Perhaps the most common theme of the ultra conservative politics espoused by President Donald Trump is Islamophobia. Throughout the two years that he has been President of the United States and leader of the free world, he has been consistently promoting Draconian policy designed to make life more and more difficult for Muslims in America. Even before that, during his presidential campaign, he was actively stoking Islamophobic sentiment by blaming the Muslim community for Islamist extremist terrorist attacks and making vulnerable communities of all time even more marginalized and oppressed.

As it turns out, as we have learned recently, that racist logic even extends to our nation’s elected politicians. Rep. Ilhan Omar, as a brilliant Democratic Muslim woman, has taken a huge amount of abuse from the President and his right wing colleagues. Given the appallingly oppressive rhetoric that the President spurts out on a constant basis, it ought to be no surprise that the numbers of Americans suffering hate motivated violence has skyrocketed ever since Trump began ruling over us from the Oval Office. Perhaps the very worst aspect of this phenomenon is that when the press calls out Trump on his words and actions, he simply shouts “Fake News!” and then doubles down on the racist abuse:

Speaking to a local news reporter in Omar’s home state of Minnesota, Trump shrugged off the congresswoman’s statement Sunday, in which she said that a video the president had posted to Twitter last week had caused an uptick in violent threats against her life. Trump had tweeted an Islamophobic video that took Omar’s comments, made during a recent speech at the Council on American-Islamic Relations, out of context to make it sound as though she was indifferent to the 9/11 attacks. The video was interspersed with graphic footage of the planes hitting the World Trade Center. “We will never forget!” he tweeted alongside the video.

Tom Hauser of KSTP-TV asked Trump Monday if he had any second thoughts about the tweet given the death threats Omar received as a result. “No, not at all,” Trump responded. He then proceeded to attack Omar once again. Look, she’s been very disrespectful to this country,” Trump said. “She’s been very disrespectful, frankly, to Israel. She is somebody that doesn’t really understand, I think, life — real life, what it’s all about. It’s unfortunate,” he continued. “She’s got a way about her that’s very, very bad — I think — for our country. I think she’s extremely unpatriotic and extremely disrespectful to our country.”

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