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Trump Tried To Roll Back Environmental Policies From Obama, But Federal Agency Just Told Him HELL NO



Scott Pruitt’s appointment as Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency signaled the beginning of the end of environmental progress in America. But it turns out that installing a climate change denier to head up the EPA doesn’t magically evaporate existing regulations.

No one was more surprised than President Trump to learn that there are inescapable processes to dismantling the protections meant to protect against further ruin of this planet… and further erasure of Obama’s legacy. The president’s campaign to accomplish both was hit hard Monday when a federal court ordered that the current administration must continue enforcing President Trump’s methane pollution rules.

The Environmental Protection Agency received the decision on Monday from The Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. The decision demanded that they continue enforcing a set of rules that reduce the emissions of the greenhouse gas methane.

Trump’s EPA proposed to delay the implementation of Obama’s methane rules for a period of two years for those companies whose operations release large amounts of methane into the atmosphere. Per the Washington Post, The Obama-era rules will prevent 180,000 tons a year of methane from clogging up the atmosphere and will boost federal revenue between $3 million and $13 million a year because firms pay royalties only on the oil and gas they capture and contain.

This is a definite speed bump on Trump’s route to dismantling Obama’s legacy, but we’ll certainly see more maneuvers by the Environmental Protection Agency to destroy itself. That’s why its current chief is a climate change denier and its roster has so many oil and gas lobbyists.

Withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement was mostly for posturing. Deregulation at home is how Trump plans to throttle the environment in the name of the almighty dollar.





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