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Ultra Conservatives Shot Down On False News That Climate Change Is A Hoax



President Donald Trump represents an ideology that is totally hostile to any kind of environmentalism. He is a capitalist to his fingertips, and during the two and a bits years that he has served as President of the United States and leader of the free world, he has sought to directly undermine efforts to combat climate change by pulling America out of the Paris Climate Accord and making blatant attempts to disrupt the vital work of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). He and those on the right wing of American politics simply cannot get their heads around the fact that the government urgently needs to take steps to address a problem caused primarily by big business.

One of the biggest outlets of the kind of nonense that simply denies climate change is a problem is the right wing website Breitbart, which recently published an article on the subject that was so ridiculous that it warranted an official response. A group of climate experts from around the world submitted their professional opinions on the matter and they were brutally scathing of the Breitbart piece. Here are a couple of the very best responses:

Richard Betts, Professor, Met Office Hadley Centre & University of Exeter: Woefully ignorant. We are certain that humans are responsible for the current rise in atmospheric CO2 concentrations, because the amount being emitted is more than enough to explain the amount building up in the atmosphere. Climate scientists are well aware that there are also natural changes in the carbon cycle that have led to higher CO2 concentrations in the past, and in fact this gives more of a cause for concern rather than less, because it shows that a warming climate can cause natural carbon sinks to weaken and therefore further accelerate the rise in CO2.

Ken Caldeira, Senior Scientist, Carnegie Institution for Science: It is hard to imagine that a well-intentioned person can so profoundly misunderstand the science. Assuming the author is acting in good faith, this article provides evidence that motivated reasoning can produce results that appear delusional to well-informed people. By the reasoning of this article, if a rock rolled down a hill three million years ago, no human can be responsible for rolling a rock down a hill today. The fallaciousness of this reasoning is astounding.

It is easy to see that we urgently need more evidence based policy here, especially on something as existentially important as the state of the Earth.






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