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White House Insider Reveals Trump And Pence Meeting Specifics: “Yelling At The TV, Total Chaos”



The relationship between President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence is an interesting one. Pence failed to endorse Trump initially in the presidential election, yet somehow surpassed many others to end up on the ticket, and ultimately in the Trump White House. A bombshell article from an informer has just provided perhaps the first true picture of what they really get up to behind closed doors, and it is quite something:

Under the Constitution, Trump can’t fire Pence. Yet he could rid himself of the vice president by dropping him from the 2020 ticket. Or he could use his Twitter feed to marginalize and humiliate Pence. That’s been known to happen. But Pence never seems to run afoul of Trump. Some of it may be his hardwiring: He has an innate deference to power, people who have worked with him say. “Submit yourselves to the authorities placed above you,” Pence told graduates at the Coast Guard Academy commencement ceremony last year. “Trust your superiors.”

For decades, presidents and vice presidents have held regular one-on-one lunches with no aides present. The ritual helps build trust and, because only two people are at the table, prevents leaks, veterans of past White Houses said. Trump ditched that tradition. Instead he has invited to the lunches both his and Pence’s top aides. At the meals in the small dining room off the Oval Office, Trump keeps a big-screen TV tuned to cable news. Aides who have walked in have seen Trump yelling at the TV as he sits with Pence and their deputies over plates of chicken and cheeseburgers. When he sees something on the screen that he dislikes, Trump on occasion will interrupt the lunch and summon aides to discuss a response, people familiar with the lunches said.

This is quite remarkable to read. It is perhaps not wholly surprising that President Trump has insisted on doing away with tradition, and in the process ditching any culture or dignity that came with the accepted way of doing things. However, it is nonetheless staggering to get such a clear view into the White House under this administration, and to be able to examine this glimpse of what the President’s life is actually like. Contrary to what his supporters would have you believe, it does not seem he is a quiet genius with some master plan working away behind the scenes. Rather, he really is the simple loud thug that we all see in him.





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